Miss you already,
Big Sexy Pants!

Friends and family of the one and only Big Grin, please help us celebrate Joel Dyke’s amazing time on this earth and also support Joel’s surviving family: Michelle Davis, Joseph, Baby Dyke (due this August) and his mom Nancy. Make a donation in his honor and memory using the button below. Joel was never one to shy away from helping any friend in need (or stranger for that matter), and now it’s time for all of us to pay it forward if we can. Any amount is greatly appreciated and absolutely helps make a difference to his family.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of “the business of life” things that Michelle is going to have to face over the next few months. But she should know that she doesn’t have to stress and worry about these on her own. We are a big community, from many different dimensions in Joel’s many worlds, all colliding at this crazy point in time. So please consider helping out, and again, any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and keep posting those amazing stories and photos on Facebook.

Long live our memories of Big Grin.